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About Us

The Europa brand of dog food was conceived and developed with one simple aim, namely to manufacture the best possible food to help your dog live a long, healthy and active life.

When developing the Europa Super Premium dog food range over 10 years ago, we came to it with a blank piece of paper. As dog lovers and dog owners ourselves, we had no preconditions other than to produce the very best food possible. So with the help of canine nutritionists together with the very latest and most up to date research available, Europa has developed and continues to develop a brand of dog food that will cater for all your dog’s needs through the 3 different stages of its life i.e. Puppy, Adulthood and Old Age.

It was also a desire of ours to inform you the purchaser, the exact benefits you were buying into when feeding your dog on Europa. As a result, we have developed the clearest and most informative packaging on the market today. Each variant within the range clearly states what it contains and the expectations you as the owner can have from our food. Further, if you care to look through our website at the section entitled Canine Nutrition, we have lifted the veil on some of the scientific terminology and ingredients used in the manufacturing of a dog food, therefore allowing you the dog owner to make your own mind up on what your dog eats or is eating.

By choosing Europa, you have chosen to feed your dog on the very best food available on the market today. As far as your dog is concerned, this is the best decision you will ever make.